Friday, October 24, 2014

Success in yarn dying!

Good morning! 
I've been busy as of late with my personal life and real job. I apologize for not posting anything...

I wanted to share my success with dying my cotton yarn! 
I am pretty sure I'll be doing more of this!
First, I washed it. Making sure I had a clean "palette" to work with. 

Then I made certain to rinse it very well, leaving behind no soap residue. I used the blue Dawn dish detergent. I figured it works on oil covered ducks surely it won't harm my yarn. :)

Next, I filled a stainless pot with hot water and added the dye packet.
I wanted a variegated result so I only put a portion of the yarn into the pot.

Using a wooden spoon I slightly stirred the dye and yarn, making sure the yarn was completely saturated. I then left it to soak for about 30 mins. 

After rinsing in cold water for about 15 mins to make certain I got out any left over due I hung it over a clothes hanger and let it dry for about two days.

I was extremely pleased with the results!

The dye I used was Tulip fabric dye in the powder pouches. It's the same stuff you use to tye dye t-shirts. I have since dyed two more skeins and am using them for washcloths. :) 

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