Monday, December 8, 2014

Blog share and free patterns!

This is the best blog!! Check it out! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'm an awful blogger

I am sorry for my lack of diligence. I haven't been very good at posting anything. 
In my defense, I have been extremely busy. Children not doing homework, doctor visits, orthodondist appointments, sudden influx if orders, and of course my day job. 
I wanted to post a few pics of things I've been working on. I have a pattern in the works at the moment too. 😊

This one is in love! Lawd Jesus she's going to be the death of me. 😳

This one started out as an order and ended up as my own design. I'll be writing up the pattern very soon! 

And of course there's decorations to put up! 

 These I am working on for a dear friend.
They are working up so cute!! 

This cowl was made out of necessity.
I was away for work and didn't expect the sudden temperature drop. Thank goodness I brought yarn :)

This was a request from a friend at church to go in a Samaritan's Purse Shoebox for Children! Now I have an order for this one too :)

These boot cuffs I made for the girl child. She thinks she's something else :)

 Bunches of beanies for the Women's Pregnancy center to be donated by my Church. 

And finally....

My sweet boy was baptized. Probably the proudest moment of my life and extremely emotional for the whole family.

So, that's were I've been. I will be posting that pattern soon!!

Until then and if not before, have a very Merry Christmas and don't forget the real reason for this wonderful season.