Sunday, July 6, 2014

Independence Day

I sure hope everyone enjoyed their 4th! We didn't do the traditional fireworks and BBQ. Instead my family hit the river!
We caught a few bream (better known in these parts as red bellies)...
Then we pulled out the good bait! Y'all ever heard of Catawba worms... 
This here is the best catfishing bait you can find! Best part is, they are free! They literally grow on trees. They work too...
Caught a mess of fish! ( sorry 'bout my dish towel but I don't handle those jokers bare handed!)
We enjoyed the weather. It wasn't humid or insanely hot.
It was nice not hearing any vehicles or phones ringing.

We fished and rode the river until the sun started going down.

Today, after church, I got busy canning the veggies from my garden and making me some "pepper sauce". I'll have good food all year now.

For not being a traditional 4th of July for us, it turned out to be one of the best ones yet!! 

Now...back to crocheting and the real world! 😜

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