Saturday, June 28, 2014

My first go at tapestry crochet (graphghan)

OK, so after I discovered graphghans I was excited to start one! 

But I know me and when 
I jump in head first I tend to make mistakes and then get bored. 
So, I decided to try a trial tapestry until I got the hang of it... before I started a huge afghan project that would end up taking me two years to make!
(I have been working on a blanket for the Old Man for going on three years now!)

My Ladybug is really into music and plays flute so we decided to make a tapestry to hang in her room. 

This is what we came up with:

A treble clef worked in grey and hot pink to match her room.

This is about halfway through. At this point we took a trip to Florida to see my Big Baby graduate high school so it was put on hold.

Here is where we are today!

Just a few more rows to go and a few embellishments and Viola! One lovely tapestry to hang on Ladybug's wall! :)

I will post the completed project soon. 
Now it's time to pop in Sherlock and get this baby finished!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

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